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'So, you're an orphan now'

Imagine. You're a teenager and your parents pass away. You're basically on your own. What situations and challenges will you encounter? What can you do? How will you grow up?

Orphans are everywhere and they are in great numbers. In Western countries, they are an invisible group. But they are there. And they are trying to make the best of their lives.


Worldwide, every day 5.760 children lose their parents.


We can help them. I know that for a fact.
I once was one of those kids. Helping can be easier than you might think. I invite you to read my story and learn what you could say and/or do to assist a young orphan around you.This book is for friends, family, teachers and professional caretakers. People who want to discover how to support orphans.


WesternOrphans is an initiative of

OnlineComm.Academy, the author's online learning institute for online strategy and social media.


Twenty-four true stories that hopefully tell you a bit more about what it's like to live without parents. Also practical 

suggestions for people around today's orphans.

  • TEDx talk now online!


  • Dutch government and initiator co-create infomation for municipalities for orphaned children



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Jojanneke Van den Bosch (1975), online communications strategist and social media consultant. Writer. Storyteller.

TEDx speaker.

E-learning developer. Thing Finder. Loves to solve things