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If you have read the book and want to share your review, you can do that openly on the book page on

It's also possible to send an email, if you feel more comfortable doing that.

Also, you could visit the Facebook page and leave a reply there.



Sharing experiences to help raise awareness about children losing one or both parents (and how they deal with that) is the key motive of writing the book. You may invite me for a talk. Giving presentations is part of my daily job. And if you're in another country and travelling does not fit in the time table, there is always Skype.


If you have a valuable idea that would make things better for today's orphans, or that would make us do a better job, do not hesitate to share your suggestion. We're all about improving things all the time. And we are not afraid of change.


In the first few months of 2014, we're checking the best ways to find useful practical information about dealing with today's orphans' issues. We have already found some excellent resources. Stay tuned for updates.



(from Dec. 18th)

Do you have a website or another online resource featuring valuable information for young people who have suffered a loss or for their friends and families? Please let me know, I'd be happy to link to your site to attract more visitors to your site (for free). I'm all about sharing and working together. Merry Christmas!

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