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‘Van den Bosch breaks taboo about orphans.’

Nico Haasbroek, author and former editor in chief of national NOS News 


‘Jojanneke proves that young orphans are not pitiful (but that they do need reliable adults).’

Daan Westerink, journalist and bereavement expert


‘Until recently, Western orphans were an invisible group. True stories show that further help is needed.’

RTL News, television, prime time news item


‘Van den Bosch has rightly drawn attention to this group of children.’

Advisor of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (via Twitter), Netherlands


‘Many issues orphans are dealing with have been underexposed. Jojanneke addresses them through her story.’ 

De Volkskrant, national daily newspaper


‘Jojanneke wrote about her experiences and founded a platform for practical information for and about western orphans. For the six thousand children (in the Netherlands) who become orphans every year. There are over tens of thousands orphans living in western countries.’

VIVA Magazine


'Things too often kept silent, Jojanneke reveals freely. Friends, family, neighbours, teachers, professionals... people around young orphans often choose not to act. Not to speak up. Not to help. Or at least not enough. ‘So, you’re an orphan now’ hands suggestions that empower people around orphans to act appropriately. The more people know about these experiences, the more people will be able to break the silence. Breaking the silence about orphans’ issues can make an enormous positive impact in the life of a young person who has to live without one or both parents.’ 

- Kirsten Moonen, professional pedagogue on (Dutch) Goodreads


‘Chick on a mission.’  

Glamour Magazine


‘The book encourages the reader to engage in the lives of those whose parents have passed away.’



'The best thing is what Jojanneke has done with the story herself.And how her social media efforts to help orphans and how she offers suggestions. I think I’ll go see how I can make a modest contribution.'

- Elisabeth de Ru on (Dutch) Goodreads


‘Western orphans are an invisible group. This book is a practical guide for those who have lost one or both parents, and people around them.’