The word 'cover' is an interesting one. It wraps a stack of paper. A story. But in this case, the cover does not cover the story up. On the contrary: it reveals things. Not just the cover image is a tad confrontational: the stories in them reveal uncomfortable, confrontational and unexpected truths about growing up as an orphan in today's world. Maybe we should call it an 'uncover'.

That makes me think of the concept of augmented reality, which we are going to use in the first international edition. There will be extra content available for readers who use Layar (or other augmented reality app) on their smartphone. For the ones who do not know what augmented reality is: it is an extra layer of information (data, images, film or any other kind of content) to a certain location and/or existing image. Does this sound just too sci-fi to you? You can see an example of what augmented reality is. A handy app for that is Layar. It's free to use the extra media (soon to be) provided by WesternOrphans. Besides the book, of course. In the following months, readers of the book will discover more media, attached to the book.

Therefore, the book cover is indeed a way of 'uncovering' more information. What a match.

And ehm, speaking of matches...


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