The international books are printed and have arrived!

The translated and printed edition of 'So, you're an orphan now' is READY. And the books look amazing. The printing company, Shaker-Verlag GmbH in Germany, has done an excellent job. And it was an enormous pleasure to work with them. And also, last Sunday evening (okay, after midnight!) this WesternOrphans website was launched. It is a really, really special week. And next week, the books will ben for sale internationally. So OF COURSE we celebrated today at the office. With bubbles, chocolates and of course, BOOKS. I hope other initiatives (like WesternOrphans) in other countries will respond. Because I think we can change things for a great many people by sharing information. WesternOrphans want to connect international initiatives (such as, the website which was launched on EXACTLY the SAME DAY as! Isn't that the strangest coincidence! :-O I'm so thrilled and happy about it! Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to get into contact with the initiators. But I hope this happens soon! Because orphans and bereaved children live everywhere and are coping with issues such as 'the loss of unconditionality in their lives', 'making the most of life', 'finding a sense of belonging when your roots are damaged', and of course practical issues (paper work, school, work, everyday life). I tell all about it in the book. And if you're really curious, you may READ THE PRERELEASE HERE. Don't hesistate to respond. Let's connect!

We can accomplish so much together, and we can help each other so well. The only thing it takes is...the willingness to do so. So let's do this. In all countries. Why not?

Here are more pictures of today's bubbly celebration. And to job the memory: see how festive the release of the first edition was.


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