Dealing with Christmas when you've lost your loved one(s)

Christmas often is a difficult time for the bereaved. You miss your loved one(s), while the rest of the world appears to be just joyful and happy. We know of course, that the image of 'the rest of the world being happy while you're grieving' is not entirely accurate. Still, Christmas can be painful. There is not one perfect guideline to get through the season-to-be-jolly. But there are some tips, that might be useful if you're dealing with a huge loss in your life during the season.

  • Be honest about it to yourself and others, don't pretend you're allright when you're not.

  • Don't raise the bar too high: you don't have to bee cheerful when you don't feel like it, just to make other people happy.

  • Honour your lost loved one(s) in a way that's right for yourself.

  • Surround yourself only with people who respect you. If you hear things like '

  • Feel free to say no to an invitation if you're not up for it.

  • Change traditions, if that's what helpful for you.

  • If you do feel like celebrating: do it. It's your life, and every moment of it counts. It can be the best way to honour your lost loved one(s). It's your life and your party.

A very merry Christmas to you all.

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