Book launch Ireland: sharing the story

Last week, I was staying in Dublin, Ireland. It was time to share the story. It was nice to see the international edition in bookstores. Also, I was truly happy the book was covered on the radio on Thursday, during an airing from Wicklow Street. A wonderful surprise. Maybe the most wonderful event last week was attending Christmas dinner for children in care at EPIC Ireland. Advocacy Manager Réidín Dunne (photo) invited me, after our long talk the day before. It was an intense event for me personally: I saw my own history, very much alive today in the lives of these thirty young people in Dublin in that dining room. It wasn't even necessary to hear their individual stories: the look in their eyes, their chosen symbols (clothing, tattoos) said everything. I think that the lack of storytelling at that moment was the best illustration of their situation. Once, I was where these young people are today. Today is another day. My greatest wish is that these young people discover in the near future, that it is also for them precisely that: another day. A better day. With better dreams and inner belief in their own abilities. The most important thing is to get these children to believe in what they can actually achieve, and that they will truly go for it. That is my wish for 2014 and years to come.

Some more pictures of my week in Dublin are published in this Flickr set.

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