Book number two

At the moment, I'm busy writing my second book. I can't reveal everything about it, but what I can share is this: it's an intense writing process. The stories in this book give an even more personal view on what it means to lose your certainties in life. A lot of the stories in this second publication are about the years prior to my parents' passing. I didn't plan this in advance. It just made perfect sense. I think that for a child whose parents are divorced, that often poses a complicating factor in the bereavement process after one (and/or both) parent(s) die(s). And often, the reason for the divorce even plays an uncomfortable big part in this. This is the case for many children. And it's also been the case for me.

The writing process of this second publication is also heartwarming. The (true) stories may be alarming and intense, but I also discovered many other people who are still struggling as an adult in certain areas of their lives. Some of them are also thinking about starting to write their stories. I can only encourage them to do so. Because it's the courageous thing to do. More importantly: it's necessary. Because most people don't know what happens in these kids' lives.

I know for a fact that some people around me dread this publication and have expressed their concerns in a disturbing, somewhat threatening way. I can only say: don't be afraid. I'm not after hurting anyone. But it does mean I am revealing some uncomfortable truths. My first book hasn't hurt anyone either. But I know some people are afraid to read that and pretend it doesn't exist. That by itself illustrates, in my opinion,the necessity of these publications. Because remaining silent breeds a rotten core of shame. I think it's a good thing that we are as truthful as we can be. Without intentionally hurting anybody. But I'm really not the kind of person to shove things under the rug for the sake of (an imaginary kind of) peace.

I didn't give myself a strict deadline for this book. But it's definitely on its way. And thank you for your nice and constructive emails about the first publication and the free prerelease. I deeply apppreciate your messages.



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