A nurturing kind of love

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. I'd like to share something with you about love today. It seems appropriate, since it's February 14th. Over two years ago, I published some words that in a way feel very much relevant for many people's situations today. The piece I wrote, was a reaction to the many nay-sayers and critics I met on my path in life, when I was a young girl. It's about six harsh words, that many people hear. These six words appear to be on many people's minds, when they judge other people. "Who Do You Think You Are?". Recognize these words? I won't beat around the bush any longer, and just share my thoughts about these words with you now, as I did in my book.


>> In my opinion, there is only one proper answer to the question "Who Do You Think You Are?": "I am, I think, more than the image that you might have of me. I am doing the best I can, trying to make use of the talents and opportunities that are given to me, and I'm trying to use them to create a fine, full life for myself and for others. In a way that honors who I am and those who have given me life, and whom I love. More interestingly: who do you think YOU are? I get the impression that you do not have confidence that more things are possible than you can imagine. Or perhaps you have the confidence, but also a sense of entitlement that you should be granted all good things, instead of somebody else. Figure this out, but don't burden me with your issue."

(from: 'So, you're an orphan now', pages 68 - 69, Jan. 2013). <<

I strongly believe that this whole issue about the question "Who Do You Think You Are?", about lack of confidence and about a sense of entitlement, has to do a great deal with love. Love to change this into "You Are Valuable And Worthy, Like I Am And Like Everybody Else Is". Love for oneself and for others. The unselfish kind of love. A caring, nurturing universal kind of love.

Happy Valentine's Day, world.

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