TEDxDelft Talk 'Helping The Invisible' about today's orphans now online

After several weeks of post-production, the TEDxDelft crew has published my talk 'Helping The Invisible'. I've had some time to digest all emotions and developments after the performance. Looking back, I'm content and grateful. And I hope this talk will reach a lot of people, so that today's orphans in Western countries will benefit from an increased level of awareness about the issue.

In the first week of the video being online, I have received some heart warming responses. I didn't really know what to expext, since this was the first time I performed at a TEDx conference. I braced myself for all kinds of remarks, but this was actually quite pleasant.


I discovered that it is absolutely impossible to craft a TEDx all by yourself. Even if you have given literally hundreds presentations, like I have. Because TEDx is something special. And trust me, even the most relaxed professional speakers had spiking levels of stage fright. And if they say they don't, well, I guess they're creative in their perception of truth. ;-) Fortunately, I had the great luck to have a super team at my disposal, who provided me with feedback on my performance in the months before the conference. Their feedback has helped me tremendously. Furthermore, I'm grateful to the receptionist of the TU Delft Auditorium, who was so incredibly kind to let me practice my talk all by myself (with my video camera, really) on the actual stage of the Auditorium. I needed that, because my foster father was buried just last December in the graveyard rght next to the Auditorium. And since my foster father is mentioned in my TEDx talk several times, some emotional preparation was necessary. So I lit a fresh candle in the lantern by his grave, promised him that I would do my best, and thanked him for everything that he has done for me.

My preparations weren't in vain, I'm relieved to say. I'm content with the message I wanted to present. I hope it's sharp enough and that many people can take something from it to use in their own lives. To help a bereaved child, or just to learn something about what it means to lose a parent in a Western country.


One of the key elements in my TEDx talk is the concept 'Notice, Facilitate, Empower'. I believe that it is shockingly easy to hep a grieving child. You just need a heart (yes) and the willingness to make a difference. You could do something that comes naturally to you. Something you may not even consider one of your talents. You can help an orphan in a practical way. One winter coat, one cup of tea, one school meeting, one punching bag (to blow off steam), one school report celebration dinner at a time. But please watch the talk. There are more practical tips in there.


If you think that this TEDx talk can help someone in your own environment, please share it. It would mean a great deal to me and hopefully the bereaved kids around you (even if you're not sure you have bereaved kids around you).


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