How the bereaved shared Mother's Day online

Last Sunday was Mother's Day. For the ones who have lost their mother, this can be a painful day. Sore. Rough on the edges. Last year, I wrote an article about how to deal with Mother's Day when you have lost her. But how did everyone cope this year? I checked out blogs, Twitter and other social channels. This is what I've found.

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The first thing I noticed, was the overwhelming amount of tweets by people who have lost their Mom. I guess the taboo of sharing grief online has finally vanished into oblivion. Seriously, read these. They're intense, beautiful and heartfelt.

On Facebook, I saw several friends share their memories of their mother. I think it's a beautiful thing that we show and share our feelings for our lost mothers, and it binds us. That is also what social media can do: binding people. And smoothen a few of the rough edges of grief.

On several blogs (How To Make A Life, Cowbird and others), I read very personal posts of great value. Posts that show that more people are trying to cope with the loss of their mother, and share their insights and emotions about their way through this. For instance, read these posts:

'I'm Not A Motherless Daughter, Mom Just Isn't Here'

"Our mothers never truly leave us. They just are no longer physically here."

'Just A Day Now'

'Letter For Motherless Daughters On Mother's Day'

Sharing can also be self caring. :-)

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