The book: 'So, you're an orphan now'


'So, you're an orphan now' will be internationally available from December 18th 2013. The book is about how the author, Jojanneke van den Bosch, grew up as an orphan in the Netherlands. In the book, she reveals uncomfortable, confrontational and unexpected truths about growing up without parents in the western world, where things are not always as perfectly organized as we sometimes tend to think.


It's also not easy to think of what to say or do when a young person around you loses one of both parents. That is why Jojanneke shares her story: to raise awareness about the issue and to provide friends, family and teachers with practical suggestions.


When the book is available, a direct link will be placed on this website. In the meantime, you may read four chapters and an introduction to the whole book on this page.



Four chapters for free


If you are curious about the book, then you might like to read the introduction and four chapters (34 pages). I have made them available for free. The remaining twenty chapters are not in this prerelease. You may read the four chapters on this page, or download it here (printable PDF).